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According to European Commission Regulation 261/2004, if your flight was delayed or cancelled you may be eligible for compensation from €250 to €600. The flight must satisfy the necessary conditions:
• The flight must arrive in EU member country or depart from EU member country (in the former case the Regulation is only applicable to EU airlines)
• The flight must have been commenced no later than 6 years ago
• The flight must be delayed for more than 3 hours
• The flight was not delayed due to extraordinary circumstances outside of the airline’s control (adverse weather conditions, personnel strike, air traffic management decisions)
The amount of compensation depends on the length of the delay and the flight distance (see the table below):
Please read the following passengers’ comments and define whether they are eligible for the compensation and to what amount:
1) I had a flight from Riga to Moscow (Aeroflot) on 12.03.2013. The arrival to Moscow was scheduled for 2.15 pm but in fact we arrived only at 5.30 pm. The distance between Riga and Moscow is 843 km.
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2) My flight Munich – Rome (Lufthansa) scheduled on 01.01.2015 was cancelled without any prior notification due to the cabin crew strike. The distance between Munich and Rome is 697 km.
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3) My flight Moscow-Paris (Aeroflot) was delayed on 23.02.2016 by 4,5 hours due to late arrival of the aircraft. The distance between Moscow and Paris is 2489 km.
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4) I had a flight London-Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) on 18.10.2014 with the arrival to Istanbul scheduled for 6.45 pm. The flight was cancelled and the airline provided me on the same day with the ticket for the next flight which arrived to Istanbul at 9.05 pm. The distance between London and Istanbul is 2504 km.
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5) I had a booking New York – London – Moscow (British Airways) with departure on 12.01.2011. My flight was scheduled to arrive in Moscow at 2.15 pm on 13.01.2011. As the flight New York – London was delayed by 1.5 hours I missed my connection flight to Moscow. The airline provided me with the ticket for the next flight to Moscow and I arrived there at 7.20 pm on 13.01.2011. The distance between New York and London is 5576 km, between London and Moscow - 2503 km.
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