Davidson College Biology Department Field Safety and Activity Guidelines & Agreement
The following information is the Field Safety and Activity Guidelines & Agreement.  Please read all material before signing.  A copy of this form will be emailed to you upon signing so that you may have it for your records and can refer to it as you need during the course.  

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General Field Safety Considerations
Carry an adequately charged cell phone at all times, be aware of the limits of cells service.
Know your location as specifically as possible at all times.
When possible work with a partner or group.  When working alone make sure at least one other person knows your location and expected return time.
Bring adequate supplies, including but not limited to drinking water, food, and appropriate clothing for the weather, including potential changes in the weather.
Wear clothing and footwear as appropriate to the task, weather, and terrain.
Bring all medications that you may need, including those for allergies (e.g., bee stings).
Be aware of the location of first aid kits in vehicles.
Field activities inherently include several risks and dangers associated with work in natural environments, exposure to the elements, and distance from conveniences.  The instructor will make you aware of specific risks and dangers for each activity and location, but it is also your responsibility to minimize undue risks in the field.  Ask your instructor if you have any concerns or questions about what to bring with you and how to manage risk.

Potential Hazards/Risks
Exposure to weather extremes and unpredictable weather events, including but not limited to extreme heat, cold, winds, and storms
Physical exertion or injury (e.g., from hiking in difficult terrain)
Distance from and potentially significant transportation times to medical aid
Injury from the use of hand or power tools, knives, saws, etc.
Chemical hazards associated with research (e.g., herbicides, anesthetics, preservatives)
Injuries, discomfort, or illness from insects or other animals and/or noxious plants
Deep, rough, cold, and/or fast-flowing water
Vehicular accidents as a passenger or pedestrian

Personal Protection
Be aware of personal protective equipment that will keep you safe in the field during specific tasks such as work gloves, hard hats, eye protection and hearing protection.
Wear a hat, sunglasses, and long sleeves and/or use sunblock as sun protection.
Close-toed shoes or boots must be worn in the field.
Long pants may be recommended to protect legs from scratches, poison ivy, etc.
If you have specific allergies and/or medical conditions alert your instructor and bring appropriate medications.

You should understand the risks mentioned above and understand that the field activities may subject you to rigorous physical exertion.  In addition, you should consider your physical fitness prior to agreeing to participate in this activity.

You should understand and accept that the risks listed above expose you to, but are not limited to, the following consequences: death, serious neck and spinal injuries that may result in complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, serious injury to general health and well-being.  

You should also understand that the risks in participating in the field activity include not only the aforementioned physical injuries, but also impairment of your future abilities to earn a living, to engage in business, social and recreational activities, and generally to enjoy life.

I have read and fully understand the rules, safety practices, and regulations governing my conduct in the biology field course or experience.  I will abide by these rules to ensure my safety and the safety of other participants.  I will follow all written and verbal instructions given by the instructor and ask questions if I do not understand a direction or procedure.  I understand that violation of these rules may result in removal from the laboratory, removal from the science class, a lowered grade, and/or other consequences as determined by the instructor. Do not sign this form until you have read all preceding statements carefully.  Ask your instructor(s) if you have questions. “I have read the Davidson College Biology Field Safety and Activity Agreement including procedures for the prevention of injuries and I will observe them throughout my field work.”
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