RUF Cuatros
For the Fall 2020 semester, RUF Cuatros will be the main way for you to connect to your friends and new people in RUF. We encourage you to sign up!

The gist: 4 people meeting and "doing life" for several weeks, and then rotating to a new Cuatro.

Freely DM nmsu_ruf on Instagram, text Jonathan (719-313-8057) or email if you have questions.

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Other notes
1) Ideally Cuatros will meet in person, though a virtual option may become necessary as the semester progresses.

2) RUF staff will place you in a Cuatro with an RUF student facilitator. That facilitator will be in contact about setting up a time for the initial meeting.

3) GET CREATIVE. You can make this what you want! Cooking Cuatro. Taco Cuatro. Theology Cuatro. Hiking Cuatro. Studying Cuatro. Have fun with it!

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