MyIntent Bracelets For A Cause by MyIntent Maker Deborah Vick
Thank you for considering to Purchase one of our MyIntent Custom Bracelets, Key chains or necklaces and supporting our efforts to reduce physical barriers to our Outdoor Scouting program. We have partnered with Far West Wheelchair Athletic Association to raise funds for the purchase of an all Terrain, off roading wheelchair to help make outdoor scouting programs accessible for those with mobility impairments.

Along our journey, we have created specialty medical awareness bracelets for a variety of
causes. Should you desire, you can choose to have funds donated to relevant organization.

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What Word or Words Would you like Stamped on the the MyIntent Token? We have special characters including a "paw", awareness ribbon, heart, #, -, ", /, & and numbers.
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If you are unsure what Word to choose, please email me as I have several discussion tools that can help us find the best word for you.-
Please select the items you wish to purchase and the color of the token in the following sections.
What type of Item would you like to purchase?
What color token would you like?
Please note if would you like a bracelet or key chain with beads or cord.See the pictures below to better understand the different types of stitches.
Bracelet Options
If you chose the cord style bracelet please chose the relevant design/cord stitch
Would you like a charm? If yes, please describe below the it. Also, if you would like something not shown please let me know. In addition, I have a limited supply of birthstone crystal charms.
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If you chose beads, please let me know the types of beads you like. I have a wide selection of natural stone and glass beads. Please describe what you are looking for and I will do my best to find beads matching your description.
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Some Bead Options
Some more beads options. Please contact me for more details as many have limited supplies and my supply changes regularly.
I also have spacers for the bracelets including metal bead caps in various colors, glass beads and lava beads.
chakra style beads
Comments for Bracelets - Please note approximate length of bracelet
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Closing of bracelet
Please use the selection below to help describe the key fob of your liking. Be sure to select string or beads to connect the MyIntent disk.
IF you would like a keychain, please note color of key fob and preference for beads or cording below.
How do you want your MyIntent Token attached with beads or cord?
IF you wish to have your token attached with beads, please describe the color and type desired.
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If you chose cording, please select the design choice of preference.
Do you wish to include charms on your Key Chain?
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Charms available for bracelets and keychains? If so which ones?
Please complete the section below if you wish to purchase a necklace
Please select the color cord or chain
IF you would like a necklace, Please note the minimum chain length.
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Would you like birth stones attached to the chain?
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Please let me know if you have some special project in mind. I have made bookmarks and rosary beads as well. I am happy to hear your ideas and see what we can develop. Please provide details below in the note section as to what you would like. I also ask that you provide contact information so that we may discuss your ideas further.
Which organization and fundraiser would you like to have proceeds from your purchase donated to?
Description of the Item You desire
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