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Visitor Entry Counts
Provide total counts only.  Take care not to double-count any person.  Do include children observed in your total count.
Mode of Entry - Walking
Mode of Entry  - Running/Jogging
Mode of Entry  - Dogwalking
Mode of Entry  - Biking
Mode of Entry  - Skateboarding
Mode of Entry  - Recreational Scooters
Mode of Entry  - Other - list activity and count
Did you see people enter the park with:
Point-In-Time Activities
Count everyone seen at one point in time, by the primary activity observed.  Take care not to double-count any person.  Do include children in your total counts.
Point-In-Time Activity - Sitting on Benches
Point-In-Time Activity - Biking
Point-In-Time Activity - Child Play
Point-In-Time Activity - Dog walking/playing
Point-In-Time Activity - Exercising
Point-In-Time Activity - Fishing
Point-In-Time Activity - Going to/from Ball Game
Point-In-Time Activity - Running/jogging
Point-In-Time Activity - Picnicking/Reading on Lawn
Point-In-Time Activity - Skateboarding/Scootering
Point-in-Time Activity - Standing/Chatting
Point-In-Time Activity - Viewing/Sitting at Memorial
Point-In-Time Activity - Viewing Water
Point-In-Time Activity - Walking
Point-in-Time Activity - Did you see:
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