ComSciConCAN 2019 Application
We invite you to apply for Canada's first ComSciCon workshop which will be held Thursday July 18 - Saturday July 20, 2019 at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

This application will close on Monday Apri 8th, 2019 at 12:00pm.

Please visit this page for more information about the program:

Please contact with any questions.


Nous vous invitons à candidater à la première série d’ateliers ComSciCon au Canada qui aura lieu du Jeudi 18 au Samedi 20 Juillet 2019 à McMaster University à Hamilton (ON).

La date limite de candidature est le 8 Avril à minuit.

Pour plus de détails regardant le program, veuillez consulter notre site:

Pour toutes questions, vous pouvez écrire à

Veuillez noter que les ateliers et conférences auront lieu en anglais. Cependant les questions en français seront les bienvenues et nous faisons le maximum pour avoir des experts en communication scientifiques francophones présents lors des ateliers.

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About ComSciConCAN / A propos de ComSciConCAN
ComSciConCAN is Canada’s first national science communication workshop for graduate students. This unique professional development program aims to help the next generation of leaders in STEM fields develop the skills needed to communicate their research and ideas to their peers, experts in other fields, policy makers, and the general public. Using the longstanding and successful ComSciCon framework from the United States, ComSciConCAN will bring together graduate students from across the country and science communication experts to network and collaborate.

Attendance at ComSciConCAN is limited to current (or recently graduated) graduate students in residence at a Canadian institution. International students who study at a Canadian institution are also gladly welcomed. Recent graduates must have graduated no earlier than December 2018.

Application, registration, and attendance at the workshop is free of charge for accepted applicants. Full or partial travel support will be provided to accepted applicants who would need to travel to the Hamilton area. Housing and food will also be provided for the duration of the meeting.

Attendees to ComSciConCAN are required to attend the entire workshop.

ComSciConCAN applications are competitive and we encourage applicants to prepare their responses carefully.


ComSciConCAN est la première série nationale d’ateliers de communication scientifique pour étudiants aux cycles supérieurs. Ce programme unique de développement professionnel à pour but d’aider la prochaine génération de dirigeants en STIM à developper ses capacitées à communiquer leur recherche et idées à leur pairs, experts de d’autres domaines, responsables politiques, et le public.

La participation à ComSciConCAN est limitée aux actuels étudiants aux cycles supérieurs (ou diplomés en décembre 2018 au plus tard) des universités Canadiennes dans un domaine scientifique. Les étudiants des programmes de génie, de sciences sociales, d’économie et de santé publique, ainsi que les étudiants internationaux qui étudient actuellement au Canada sont les bienvenus.

Veuillez noter que la participation à ComSciConCAN est gratuite mais compétitive. Le logement, le transport et la nourriture seront fournis pour les candidats sélectionnés.

Les participants de ComSciConCan devront être présent durant l’entièreté de la formation.

Veuillez noter que les ateliers et conférences auront lieu en anglais. Cependant les questions en français seront les bienvenues et nous faisons le maximum pour avoir des experts en communication scientifiques francophones présents lors des ateliers. Le reste du formulaire de candidature est en anglais mais les candidatures en français seront étudiées par des membres francophones du comité d’organisation de ComSciConCAN.

Will you be able to attend the entire workshop? *
Essay Questions & Saving Your Progress
The following three questions will form the foundation of your application. Each response has a character limit (including spaces) and will be answered on Page 3 of this application.

Questions are provided to you here so you can consider your responses before beginning the application process. However, you will be able to save your progress before answering these questions by submitting an unfinished application and returning to edit it later.

If French is your preferred language, please feel free to answer these questions in French. We will ensure your application is reviewed by french speaking members of the organizing committee. Please note though, the meeting will be held in English.

Question 1:

Describe your previous experience in science communication and how that experience is innovative, unique, or impactful.
Describe one or more science communication efforts you've been involved in, and what you believe may be impactful or innovative about those efforts. These science communication efforts could include activities such as: participation or leadership in student organizations, contributions to science outreach programs, blogging or other writing for the general public, activity on social media, etc. We recommend that you try to focus on activities outside of your regular duties as a graduate student.
Write no more than 750 characters (including spaces).
Question 2:

Please describe your research as you would to the general public.
Imagine you are asked what you do by a member of the general public. Please give an example of how you would describe your work in an accurate, but also exciting and engaging way. We recommend you avoid the use of jargon.
Write no more than 500 characters (including spaces).
Question 3:

How will attending ComSciConCAN help further your goals as a science communicator?
For example, consider one or more of the following questions: Are there new efforts you are hoping to launch or get engaged in through the connections you would make at ComSciConCAN? How would attending help or influence your ongoing projects and/or future career? How would you bring the things you learned at ComSciConCAN back to your home institution?
Write no more than 500 characters (includes spaces).
Pre-Conference Requirements for Attendees
Attendees will be asked to complete preparatory tasks before the workshop, including developing science communication pieces to be peer- and expert-reviewed at the conference. Please look over the requirements (link below) and confirm that you will participate in all required pre-conference elements of the workshop. At present, the requirements are only approximate and based on previous years' requirements. They will be updated as the conference program is finalized.
Please confirm that if you are accepted to ComSciConCAN 2019, you agree to complete all required pre-conference materials. *
Application Results
We will put serious consideration into each application. We appreciate your patience in this process.

Application results will be released in mid April. Please add to your contacts to ensure that any emails we send are not misclassified as spam.

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