BEMAC Creative Booster Pack 2.0
Are you an artist or arts worker from Logan or Ipswich, who has been impacted by COVID? Well maybe BEMAC can help you with our CREATIVE BOOSTER PACK 2.0

As the provider of the Regional Arts Services Networks (RASN) in these regions, BEMAC want to support arts workers with new short-term creative projects, through funding and mentorship opportunities.

We’re looking for creatives to tell local stories through artforms such as song writing, writing a play, a short story, creative work, building a website, shooting a short film, creating a visual artwork, creating a public art marquette… maybe you have another idea? Email us on to chat further.

• You must be a resident of Logan or Ipswich (if this is a group/band/team application, at least 50% of your group must be residents of Logan or Ipswich).
• Your creative idea must be new and able to be completed in a three week time frame (if you need slightly longer, that may be okay - just ask us)
• Your project must be delivered in a way that does not contravene laws around social distancing
• You must discuss the project with one of the BEMAC Creative Facilitators or two BEMAC RASN staff before you complete this request for funding support. Email to connect - please email and do not call the BEMAC Office - we will arrange a time to chat with you in depth.

Individual artists / arts workers / creative organisations can seek a one off payment of $500 per project. Submit your application below. It will be competitive so make sure your idea is exciting and clearly expressed.
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Do you identify with any of the following cultural groups:
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What's your residential / business address? *
You MUST be a resident or have a business based in Ipswich Council or Logan Council area. If you are a group, then 50% of a group must live in one of the regions. YOU MUST ADD YOU FULL ADDRESS (PO Box not accepted).
The name of your group / business / organisation if relevant?
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ABN number (if you have one)
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Remember cool names will help draw attention...
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What you are doing, where, how, why, what outcomes will there be?
Are you collaborating / partnering with anyone? *
Who are you collaborating / partnering with?
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Starting date? *
Projects can begin from the 2nd November 2020
End date?
Projects must be completed by the 22nd November 2020
How will this benefit your career? *
How will the $500 payment be spent? *
List each item and the amount or paste a link to a budget you have uploaded
How will you prove this is a new creation & how will you share this digitally? *
Eg Stream live to social media, video documentary, photo montage on socials, etc
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How did you hear about the Booster Packs *
Have you received funding previously from BEMAC's Creative Booster Pack or stART projects?
Clear selection
Which Creative Facilitator have you spoken with about your project? *
BEMAC staff and our Creative Facilitators are here to help you get this project developed, funded and delivered. You must discuss the project (in person or over email) with one of these before pressing submit to this request for funding.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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