Sydenham Arts Artists Trail 2021
We would like you to register your interest in the Artists Trail this year.
This feedback doesn't commit you but will help us to plan the trail.
We also welcome any other suggestions you'd like to offer.

While you are completing this form please enjoy some of the art entered in the Virtual Artists Trail last year.
Header Image ILLUSTRATIONS © Me On The Map 2020
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PRINTMAKING © Liliphilia 2020
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We cant predict the future, even in 6 months time, but it will help us to plan this year if you can indicate if you will enter the artists trail as an artist, showing your work at your home or studio or at a public space, or showing your work virtually as in 2020. YOU MAY CLICK ON AS MANY YES/NO OPTIONS AS YOU WANT.
As an artist showing my art at my home / studio
As an artist showing my art at a public space
As an artist showing my work virtually
As an artist showing one peice of my art at the Anna Lovely Gallery Open Exhibition
As an artist but please find me a space to exhibit
As an artist and I will find my own space to exhibit
Not as an artist but I can offer my home/studio for artists to exhibit.
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Please feel free to make suggestions, provide feedback or any other comments or ideas for the Artists Trail
FINE ART © Keith Knox 2020
PHOTOGRAPHY © Constanza Miranda 2020
TEXTILES © Linda Litchfield 2020
This information will be restricted on a need to know basis within Sydenham Arts Limited. It will not be distributed to any other organisation and will be deleted after the 2021 Sydenham Artists Trail.
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JEWELLERY © Jayne Williams 2020
CERAMICS © Italo Manrique
GLASS © Mercedes Oakley 2020
GCSE ART © Oscar Budgen 2020
We rely on a small team of volunteers to organise the Virtual Artists Trail. Would you like to volunteer to help?
Volunteering - What skills have you to offer?
INSTALLATIONS © Angela Wright 2020
FINE ART MIXED MEDIA © James Hodgson 2020
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