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Years and years ago, we used to run a very robust email list, but then abandoned it because new social sites were supposed to be such a wonderful thing. None of them are a wonderful thing anymore, and we're going to shed each one of them every time a new Frontline documentary is released.

This is the very best way to stay in touch with us and know what we are up to. You'll receive semi-regular updates about band news, tours, releases, and personal failures. You'll get an email full of things not willing to be said in the public space. Also, you can always respond and count on a response.

Physical address, Zip/Postal Code, and City, Country fields are not required -- but you sharing that info does help us let you know when we are touring in your area AND we also like knowing where all you folks are located in the world.

Again -- your information is private and we will not share it with anyone.

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