Promising Practice Submission
The Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Education Promising Practices documents are intended to briefly summarize an intentional effort to improve student performance in one or more areas.

To be posted on the webpage requires at least one objective data point that can be verified by the director. Anecdotal data is included when the participants express a strong belief that their intentional effort had a positive impact on student performance and could have been measured objectively with the appropriate data collection.

All Utah public education stakeholders are encouraged to identify and share innovative, effective, and/or efficient practices that could be added to this clearinghouse and distributed to similar populations.
Briefly summarize the promising practice you have observed or participated in and would like us to review for possible addition to the clearinghouse:
Objective data point. Please include the source (i.e. school, district, state, etc.) of the data:
Anecdotal data observed or collected:
Utah Educational Institution (school/district name):
Contact Information (email and phone number):
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