Dylyver token Airdrop
Dylyver is doing an airdrop to build its community and will distribute tokens to participants.

Limit: 10 000 participants (or $500 000)
Airdrop: 200 Dycoin (DYC) tokens ($20 USD worth of DYC tokens).
End date: End of ICO or till the participant limit is reached.

You need to follow a few easy steps, such as joining our Telegram group and reposting news about Dylyver on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Please fill in the below form and follow the instructions.

Optional (earn even more Dycoin tokens):
Purchase Dycoin (DYC) tokens for $30 on our page https://ico.dylyver.com and double 2x your Airdrop tokens (receive 400 Dycoin tokens $40 value + 300 tokens for your purchase).

Top 10 participants will get extra 1000 Dycoin (DYC) tokens worth $100.

By participating in this Airdrop you acknowledge our Airdrop Terms & Conditions: https://bit.ly/2PcjPD4
For additional information you can visit: https://ico.dylyver.com

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(Optional) Buy DYC tokens for $30 on https://ico.dylyver.com and double (2x) your airdrop tokens *
Have you purchased Dycoin (DYC) tokens for $30? Available payment methods: PayPal (Visa/Mastercard or PayPal account), Visa/Mastercard, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, 50+ altcoins, bank transfer).
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