SEED Madagascar Construction Programme Application
v May 2016
Construction Volunteer Programme Application
We require extensive information, including health disclosures, to assess your suitability for our programmes.Please answer all questions fully. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

We do not pass on your private information to any other person or organisation not directly associated with SEED Madagascar management. We may refer to the SEED Madagascar team doctor for a confidential medical opinion.

We may also use this information to contact your friends and/or family in an emergency. By completing this form you are giving us your permission to use the information that you provide for the purposes mentioned above.

General Information
1. Family Name (Last Name, as it appears on your passport) : *
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2. First Name (Other Names, as appears on your passport) : *
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3.Occupation : *
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If a student, please provide name of University :
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University Course subject:
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4. Date of Birth : *
5. Male or Female : *
6. Nationality (eg British/American/Spanish): *
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7. Permanent Address: *
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8. Day time telephone number (please include international codes) : *
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10. Evening telephone number (please include international codes) : *
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11. E-mail address : *
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12. Do you have any additional needs?
Including disabilities or learning difficulties :
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Construction Programme Placement Dates
The SEED Madagascar Construction Programme is a 2 or 3 week programme running 4 times a year, starting in the first week of January, April, July and October. You can join our local skilled construction team for 2 weeks or you can extend your placement to 3 weeks, allowing those of you with time constraints to still make a valuable contribution to our long term programme assisting with constructing school, latrine block, and other community buildings.

13.(i) Please indicate your preferred start month *
13. (ii) Please indicate your preferred start year *
14. Please indicate your preferred placement duration. *
15. Have you ever applied to us before for a volunteer placement? *
16. Why are you applying for this placement ? *
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17. Do you have any particular education / relevant experience / practical skills that will be useful during the placement ? *
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18. Is there any work that you would not be prepared to do? *
If yes, please give more information.
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19. How will you raise your minimum donation? *
The minimum donation is £795 for a 2 week programme, or £995 for a 3 week programme.
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20. May we share a personal introductory summary about yourself & your email with your fellow volunteers prior to departure? *
21. If so, please write a personal introduction :
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Criminal Convictions
Criminal convictions can have a bearing on your ability to obtain a visa. Please note that the Rehabilitation Act of 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended) states that you do not generally have to disclose details of spent convictions.

Please note we will request you to undertake a DBS Criminal Background Check if accepted onto the Short Term Construction Programme. For British citizens we will process either a Basic or Enhanced check depending on the volunteer programme, and for volunteers of other nationalities we will request they independently carry out a police check of the equivalent level.

22. Have you been convicted of any criminal offence in the last 5 years? *
23. Do you have any criminal proceedings pending ? *
Health Information
Before filling out the following section, please read the following excerpt from the Memorandum of Understanding that you will be expected to sign to confirm your place:

Malaria is a serious problem in Madagascar and in some cases it can be life-threatening. The villages where SEED Madagascar work are pathogen-rich environments and there is potential to contract various illnesses when working in them. These villages are isolated and it may take up to 24 hours before you can receive medical attention. The regional hospital in Fort Dauphin is basic and if more complicated treatments are required it will be necessary to be evacuated. We recommend you consider these facts when deciding which immunisations to undertake or medication to bring.

By confirming my place on Construction Volunteer Programme, I agree to follow health protection advice that I have gained from a qualified travel health professional. This will include a vaccination programme and a malarial prophylaxis regime:

The malarial prophylaxis I will take will comply with World Health Organisation guidelines. I understand that alternative or homeopathic prophylaxis regimes are unacceptable whilst I am working with SEED Madagascar in Madagascar. N.B. It is SEED Madagascar’s experience that over 40% of Volunteers who choose to take Doxycycline suffer unacceptable sun-sensitivity which affects their ability to work.

All volunteers must be vaccinated against Tetanus to participate in the Construction Programme. We also advise you to be vaccinated against Typhoid, Meningitis, Hepatitis A & B, Rabies and Polio but up to date professional advice must be sought.

Ensure that you disclose all health and medical information to your insurer to enable the correct cover to be provided for you. It is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any pre-existing medical conditions or your insurance may be invalid.

Health Information
Please answer all the questions in question 24. For every question you answer yes to, please complete a separate copy of the SEED Madagascar Additional Health Information Form to provide details.You will be given the option to open this form at the bottom of this table.
24. Do you currently or have you ever suffered from the following ? *
1.1 Asthma
1.2 Tuberculosis
1.3 Any disease/ problems affecting your breathing/ ear/ nose/ throat
1.4 Hypertension (high blood pressure)
1.5 Heart disease, heart failure, rheumatic or valvular disease
1.6 Heart attacks or angina
1.7 Arrhythmia, palpitations or any disease/ problems affecting the heart
1.8 Epilepsy
1.9 Migraine
1.10 Vertigo or dizziness
1.11 Strokes, mini strokes, blackouts or any neurologicaldisease/ problems
1.12 Anaemia or other blood disorder
1.13 Diabetes, hypothyroidism or any other endocrine disease/ problems
1.14 Arthritis, rheumatism or gout
1.15 Back pain, lumbago, sciatica or neck pain
1.16 Any other joint, bone or muscle disease/ problems
1.17 Eczema or psoriasis
1.18 Hay fever
1.19 Hives, urticaria or any other disease/ problems affecting the skin
1.20 Gynaecological disorder/ problems
1.21 Emotional difficulties including depression, anxietyor panic attacks
1.22 Mental health issues
1.23 Behavioural difficulties including ADHD, hyperactivity
1.24 Any other major illnesses
1.25 Any operations
1.26 Any other conditions needing hospital, general practitioner or other care
1.27 Have you needed to attend a hospital in the last 3 years
1.28 Any allergy to any medicine
1.29 Any allergy to insect bites
1.30 Any other allergy
25. Did you answer yes to any of the health questions above ? (Choosing yes will open a SEED Madagascar Additional Health Information Form which we require you to complete for all medical conditions you have declared) *
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