6/24  Multi Club Hiking & Trail Maintenance Day

We are pleased to announce  our 2nd annual joint Trail Maintenance and Hiking event with 4 local Jewish hiking groups:

The Jewish Outdoors Club - http://www.jewishoutdoorsclub.org/
 Davetrek Adventures - www.davetrek.com
Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Greater New York - http://www.meetup.com/www-mosaic-gny-org/
Ansche Chesed Outings Group - http://www.anschechesed.org/web/guest/outings-group

Since all of our groups  make extensive use the trails in the area, we all want to come together to do an event every so often  to give back some of our time and energy to helping with the maintenance  and upkeep of existing  and new trails in our area.

 We will help create a new 1/2 mile segment of trail in Beacon NY as part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway. This is a project that is setting up a trail system from New York City all the way to Saratoga, NY. We will be learning and doing trial maintenance starting  until 3pm with a break for lunch. For those interested, we will then  go on a 2.5 mile hike at the walkway over the hudson, the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the word. Its a restored railroad bridge over the Hudson thats very pretty and about 1.25 miles in each direction, located about 25 minutes north of the trail maintenance location in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Space is limited, so sign up quickly. If we run out of space, we will give precedence to drivers who can take passengers from areas that need rides like Manhattan & Brooklyn. The event is located in Beacon, NY, 1  and 15 minutes hour north of New York City. See below for a description of the day and for all the details!

Here is some info on the Greenway and on the Walk over the Hudson

Hudson Greenway Info - the section we are doing is in Dutchess County:

Mid Hudson Walk over the Hudson


Date: Sunday, June 24

Start Time: Meet at the trail maintenance location at 9:30 AM  in Beacon. You will need to leave about 8 to 8:15 AM to arrive at this time, depending on your location.

End Time: The  trail maintenance will end about 3pm - for those going to the Walkway over the Hudson 'hike' we should end between 5 and 6pm, meaning you can expect to be back in New York city no later than 7:30 PM.

Cost: Free – for those getting rides, $10 per person for a round trip ride.

Directions & Rides:  
The trail maintenance is occurring in Beacon, NY and the PM 'hike' is located near Poughkeepsie about 25 minutes further away from NY. Beacon is about 1 hr 15 north of Manhattan and the Walkway over the Hudson is located about 90 minutes from Manhattan.

We will attempt to sort rides for those who need transporation, via a spreadsheet with a list of drivers. In the event that we fill up for the event, priority will be given to drivers who can take at least 2 passengers from areas where rides are needed. The specific location and directions will be supplied to those coming to the event.

Weather:  Low 80s and party cloudy. THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE EVENT -  ONLY SEVERE WEATHER WILL CANCEL THIS EVENT which looks unlikely now. Come prepared if it rains and keep this in mind when RSVP’ing.

RSVP Deadline: Midnight  on Wednesday, June 20 - The number of people who may attend this event is limited. We may fill up very quickly, before the deadline and we will have a waiting list once we fill up. RSVP ASAP so you don’t get closed out!

What do I need to bring?

Lunch, Suntan lotion, Hat, comfortable shoes, bug spray, rain gear if there is some rain in forecast ( ie breathable rain jacket)
GLOVES – we need people to bring work gloves if they have them – if you have extra gloves you can loan out to people, let us know on the RSVP form. Thanks!

Trail Maintenance

The largest local group that maintains trails is the NY – NJ Trail Conference. The NY - NJ Trail Conference has been in existence since 1920 and maintains over 1700 miles of trails in our area. They are in the process of opening many new trails in our area. As an example of their work, the Trail Conference recently completed a major project to upgrade and improve the trails at Bear Mountain that took 4 years, 700 volunteers and cost more than $1 million.

Our trail maintenance day will help the Trail Conference with some upgrades and upkeep  on a new set of trails in Dutchess County near Beacon NY as part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Project.

We will be learning some principles of trail maintenance and leave no trace guidelines.  We will be helping to open a section of the Greenway Trail along the Beacon/Fishkill section of the Hudson River.  There is an old trail so some of the work will be lopping and clearing brush and some parts will have to be created using larger hand tools. There will also be removal of invasive plants along the trail.

See you at the event!

David Brotsky – Davetrek Adventures, Malka Baker – Jewish Outdoors Club, Michael Brochstein – Mosaic and Anshe Chesed

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