2019 CAWLB Key Agreement
Beach Park & Boat Ramp RULES- Use only by members and their guests

• Members are responsible for their guests and must be present with their guests at all times.
• Pavilion can be reserved by members only. If you would like to have an event you can reserve the pavilion signing up online at mycawlb.org. A $30 non-refundable fee is required to reserve the pavilion. The beach park is a community area and will remain accessible by other members and their guests even if you reserve the pavilion
• No overnight parking. Any vehicle, boat and/or trailer left overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense and without notice.
• Please be respectful of the park’s neighbors and do not park on their property.
• Please clean up after yourself and guests at all times. Be a good neighbor. All trash must be removed from the premises. We do not have trash service.
• No Pets allowed on premises
• No Alcohol allowed on premises
• There is no lifeguard on duty, user assumes all risks. Be safe and do not leave children unattended. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
• No water craft may enter the beach or swim area at any time.
• Beach park closes at dusk
• Please keep the area secure. Close and latch the gate. Gate is to remain secure at all times.

Additional Rules Specific to Boat Ramp

• Pets are allowed only at the boat ramp for purposes of transferring them to the water craft. If your pet does need a “potty” break. Please clean up after them.
• No vehicles allowed without trailer and current decal displayed prominently on dash. Vehicles without decals may result in vehicle being towed.
• No wake will be created by any water craft in the canal. The speed limit is designated as an idle zone. • There are 7 parking spots available. Any vehicle blocking the traffic area will be towed at the owner’s expense.

My family, my guests, and I agree to adhere to the Civic Association’s listed rules & regulations listed above along with any additional rules posted at each property. I also understand that more specifics are found online at www.cawlb.org in the bylaws. In addition, my guests will only utilize private CAWLB property while in our presence and none of us will share, sell, trade or give away this private and privileged use of the CAWLB properties to any non-member(s). I am responsible for my key and any violation of these privileges can result in up to and including termination my membership.

I understand that any automobile or watercraft on CAWLB property must display this year’s member decal on the driver’s side windshield in plain sight or be subject to being towed. If I have guests with me on property they can print a temporary tag from the CAWLB website and display on their driver’s side windshield in plain sight as well. My member dues include 2 decals, however I can purchase up to 2 additional decals for $2.50 each.

I have read the 2019 CAWLB key agreement and agree to abide its terms.

Upon renewal of my membership I will return this key in exchange for next year’s key. If this key is not returned then I will pay the $50 lost key charge.
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