Transgender Support Group Meeting
The Rainbow Rose Center and TransCentralPA have hosted the York County Transgender Support Group Meetings since November 2019. These meetings are open to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals of all ages and their families. We provide community and conversation in a safe and affirming way.

Our intent is to uplift transgender lives through understanding, acceptance, and pride. Wherever you are at on your transition journey, whether coming out or having lived your authentic life for years, we welcome you to join us in this opportunity to be yourself and be around others who understand and support you.

Our goal is to protect the safety and confidentiality of everyone who participates in our meeting. Therefore, we are not posting meeting details on social media. Those who have attended our meetings will receive a notification from the Rainbow Rose Center with meeting details. If you have not previously attended one of our meetings, but you would like to do so, please fill out this form to get on our mailing list.



The success of our support groups hinge on our ability to create a space that is affirming and protected: a space that allows us to be vulnerable as we explore our authentic selves. To that end, we ask each member to sign an agreement pledging to uphold our three key values: Confidentiality, Safety and Respect. These agreements are not intended to be a rule book, rather they are guidelines which allow us to understand what is expected of us and what we can expect from others. However, it is important to remember that even with these guidelines in place, the Rainbow Rose Center cannot guarantee complete privacy for any group member in this support group. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any of our facilitators for clarification.

I agree to the following:

- The RRC’s guiding principle is the Las Vegas rule: What’s said here, stays here. What’s learned here, leaves here. I will not discuss the names, identities, experiences or features of attendees outside of group sessions. In particular, I will never disclose medical information or diagnoses that have been shared in the group to anyone outside the group- including my friends and partners.
- I will not share the support group link with anyone unauthorized to attend. If I would like a friend, family member or loved one to accompany me to the meeting I will inform the facilitator before the meeting begins and wait for their response.
- I will not record, photograph or take screenshots of any part of the group or the group members.
- I, to the best of my abilities, will not allow anyone into my private space for the duration of the group session and if necessary, I will use headphones to keep our meeting private.
- I understand that I may learn the names of group members. I will not seek out any information about group members through search engines or social media without their explicit consent.
- I will not contact group members outside of group sessions without their explicit consent.
- I will make space for others to share; I will listen and refrain from interrupting when others are speaking, avoid speaking over others, and be mindful of the time I spend talking so that others have a chance to speak.
- I will respect the names, pronouns and identities of other attendees. I will apologize when I make a mistake and do my best to do better next time.
- I will remember that we are all learning, and that no one starts out knowing everything. We all have biases to unlearn and baggage to unpack. I will be open to being corrected, and gentle when I correct others. When I ask questions I will listen to the answer, and when I disagree, I will do so respectfully.
- I understand that this group facilitates friendships but that it is not a dating service. I will not allow romantic relationships with other members to become a barrier to group engagement.

All are welcome in this space, but we cannot create a welcoming space while tolerating behaviors that threaten others. If someone else engages in any of the following behaviors I can ask the facilitator to remove them from the group. If I engage in the following behaviors then I may be asked to leave and, in some cases, might be permanently banned:

- Purposefully allowing others, who are not participants, to listen to group discussions or view group members via the video conferencing service.
- Secretly photographing, recording, or taking screenshots of the group.
- Verbally attacking other members with insults, yelling, slurs, or threats
- Physically attacking other members in any way, including hitting, kicking, shoving, or throwing things.
- Sexually harassing other members in any way, including touching them without their consent, excessive unsolicited flirting, or making intentionally lewd or suggestive comments about other members.

If another group member’s behavior makes me feel judged, threatened, humiliated, angry, anxious, or unsafe in any way then I can contact a facilitator for help.

What you can expect from Rainbow Rose Center:
1) If a facilitator sees you in public, they will not approach or speak to you unless spoken to or approached first
2) Facilitators will not ask you to share more than you are comfortable with
3) Facilitators will not bring outside information into the group (aka will not share things you told them outside the group inside the group)
4) If conflicts between group members arise, we will listen to both sides and do our best to make unbiased, non-judgmental decisions that take both facts and feelings into account.
5) To ensure the safety of our members there are limits to what facilitators can keep confidential, and we are all mandated reporters. Statements about self-harm, suicidal intent, or harm to others may require group facilitators to break confidentiality and seek out professional support. If we suspect that any minor is being abused or is at risk of being abused then we are legally required to contact child protective services. Your personal safety and health are top priorities which will ALWAYS take place over confidentiality. However, whenever we can we will:
- Avoid contacting law enforcement when a social service is available
- Share only as much as needed to keep you and others safe
- Encourage you to seek help before we seek it for you
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During the novel coronavirus pandemic, all York County Transgender Support Group Meetings are held virtually via Zoom. The meetings occur on the 4th Saturday from 8:30-10PM.
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