Public Information Requests
Due to schools closing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and because of limited staffing, we are seeking an extension on all Public Information Act (PIA) requests of at least 30 days following the return to full (or at least more robust) operations and staffing.

Under the General Provisions Article, Title 4, Public Information Act, § § 4-201 and 4-201, Annotated Code of Maryland, any person may request to inspect or copy public records of the school system.

All requests are to be sent to:

Monique Wilson, Paralegal
Legal Services
191 South East Street
Frederick MD 21701
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In accordance with the General Provisions Article, Title 4, Public Information Act, § 4-203, Annotated Code of Maryland, the information will be provided within the timelines prescribed by law. Please understand that law does not require a public agency to create documents. In addition, the custodian of record may charge an applicant a reasonable fee for the search for, preparation of, and reproduction of a public record after the first two hours of employee time that is needed to retrieve the requested information. Our policy is to provide the first five pages at no charge, with $.20 per page charged beyond the fifth page. We may also charge for postage or special delivery costs if applicable.

For more information, see Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Regulation 200-42 – Public Information Act Requests.
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