DD Waiver Annual Client Survey
Greetings from Charles Clayton, Director of the DD Waiver Case Management program at Visions Case Management.  We respectfully ask that you complete this survey online or mail it back to us in the enclosed self-addressed and stamped envelope. Your input is very important to us. If we’re doing something right, then let us know! If you have ideas on how we could be even better, then let us know! If you feel we have fallen short of your expectations in any area, then let us know! Our goal is to learn from our successes as well as our mistakes so that we can provide the best possible case management  to you and your family. If you have questions about this survey please feel free to call me directly at (575) 779-7419. Thank you!


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Name of your Case Manager (optional)
QUESTION 1. Does your Case Manager provide consistent support by scheduling a face-to-face meeting each month? (Or a phone/virtual meeting given current COVID-19 restrictions on in-person visits?)
QUESTION 2. Is your Case Manager respectful of your time?
QUESTION 3. Does your Case Manager demonstrate good communication and understanding when you ask questions or show concerns?
QUESTION 4. Is your Case Manager accessible and available to you when you have questions or concerns about your DDW budget and services?
QUESTION 5.  Is your Case Manager reliable? Does he/she keep appointments and return your phone calls or emails promptly?
QUESTION 6.  Does your Case Manager help you to understand your roles and responsibilities within the program?
QUESTION 7.   Did your Case Manager help you develop a thoughtful and comprehensive ISP and budget that met your needs AND submit revisions and changes if needed?
QUESTION 8.  Does your Case Manager support you in monitoring the quality and effectiveness of your ISP and the utilization of your budget?
QUESTION 9. If necessary, did your Case Manager help you solve problems with the Income Support Division and re-certification?
QUESTION 10. Does your Case Manager facilitate productive meetings? Does he or she ensure that your voice is heard and that your concerns are addressed during meetings?
QUESTION 11. Do you feel that your Case Manager ensures your health and safety? Does he/she ask questions regarding your health and safety and provide support when necessary?
QUESTION 12. Overall, how satisfied are you with Visions Case Management & Consulting?
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