How much do you pay to work for Brown?
Brown grad workers are not only doing the work that has kept Brown operational, but we are also paying out of our own pockets for more and more work-related expenses. Grads bought books due to the closure of the inter-library loan service. Grads working at home have taken on the operating expenses of an office, while grads working on campus are buying takeout lunch because shared kitchens are not safe. We need a raise so that we are not paying to work.

To show Brown how much we're paying to work for them, we are pulling together a public list of COVID expenses from grad workers. This list will be used to lobby for better wages during our upcoming wage negotiations scheduled in February 2021. We also ask that you sign our petition below to allow open bargaining during these negotiations. Open bargaining enables GLO members who are not part of the bargaining committee to observe negotiations and hold admin accountable. You may complete this form multiple times for different expenses you encounter.
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Describe the COVID-related expense (ex. webcams, audio equipment, other electronics, utility bill increase, takeout lunch, books, plane tickets)
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In which other ways have your expenses increased to pay to work for Brown? (e.g. utility bills, groceries, childcare, taking care of family members) If possible, please estimate a monthly cost.
Were there any expenses you had to forgo because the cost of living during COVID was too high? (e.g. childcare, insurance, food)
The upcoming wage negotiations between GLO and Brown University administration should be transparent and accessible to all graduate workers. The University bargaining team therefore must allow open bargaining. Check the box below to add your signature to GLO's petition for open bargaining.
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