2020 Awards Banquet - Superlatives
The Boston Strikers would like your help! Please nominate members of the club for the following superlatives below.

*Please do not nominate any board members*
On Mat Cheer Award
The On Mat Cheer award recognizes a player that shows up not just to play, but to also cheer on their teammates with the most spirit. This member exudes positivity and glee. And if you haven’t watched CHEER on Netflix, go stream it!
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The Shiny Boot
It could be gold… or it could be silver. This award recognizes the player that you THINK scored the most goals this past year.
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Rocket Man
And I think it's gonna be a long long time... till the keeper recovers since this award goes to the player with that rocket shot.
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The Brick Wall
Brick wall, waterfall, girl you think you got it all… well we know this gurl definitely has defensive skills.
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Best Supporting Actress
They may not be the star of the show, but they sure add to the play. This player makes the right passes and puts plays into motion.
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Grower Not a Shower
This player may have started off unsure of the team and unfamiliar with the game...but suddenly blossomed into a great player! This player worked hard to improve their skills and continues to learn with each opportunity.
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We love all our supporters and fans, but this Ally truly stands out and we are so thankful for them!
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