CAP Guide Application 2018-2019
Guides are the heart of the College Admissions Project! Following a training session and completion of a criminal background check, each Guide is matched to a high school senior who the Guide will assist in all aspects of applying for college and financial aid.

Guides will be provided a Guide Manual, and CAP administrative volunteers will be available to field questions and comments from the Guides throughout the school year.

Each Guide must attend a Meet & Greet event in September, at which time the Guide will meet his/her assigned student for the first time. These dates will be provided at a later date.

The number of CAP Guides is limited each year. Applications will be accepted until all spots are filled. Applications received after that point will be eligible for our Guide Waiting List.

Thank you for your interest!

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As CAP is a same-sex mentoring program, this information is needed to match you with a student.
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Your college history may be used to help match you to a student interested in your school/major.
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Please let us know if you have a certain school in mind that you would like to be placed at. This information will better help us to match you with a student that attends a school that is located convenient to you.

International = Central Business District
Sci High = Uptown

Do you prefer one school over another? If so, which school? Check all that apply. *
Rate your level of experience working with students from a socioeconomically disadvantaged background. *
1 is low, 10 is high.
The only experience required to be a CAP guide is that you have attended and graduated from a college or university. However, if you have expertise in any of the following areas please let us know. *
Select all that apply. We'd like to tap those with specialized expertise to help other CAP guides.
In which of the following areas would you feel comfortable assisting a student? *
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In order to ensure that students receive adequate assistance, CAP guides must be able and willing to touch base with their students at least once per week and to meet with their students in person at least once per month.
Are you able and willing to commit to speaking with your student at least once per week? *
Are you able and willing to commit to meeting with your student at least once per month? *
Each guide MUST attend an information and training session, which will be held at the YLC Building at 1840 Euterpe St. New Orleans, LA 70118. The trainings will be held in August to allow for enough time to process the background checks for each guide.

Each Guide must also consent to and pass a criminal background check.

The criminal background check process requires submission of a photocopy of the Guide's driver's license or I.D. The photocopies and completed consent form will be collected at the training session.

Only ONE training session per guide is required each academic year.

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