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This form must be completed for each category you are registered for. Below, you will have an option to select the category for this submission, including a link to your video submission. Please carefully read the submission guidelines below.
This "unconventional" submission is on the honor system. We trust that this submission is your own work, abiding by the Fine Arts code of conduct, dress code, submissions guidelines as written in the National Fine Arts Festival rulebook:

- All presenting categories must upload their presentation to YouTube from either a personal account or church/ministry account. Be sure the link is set for anyone with access to the direct link can view, and include the working link when prompted below. This video should be recorded in the presence of adult supervision (ideally church leadership) with the best audio and camera equipment available to capture the raw sound. The submission must be on the first take of the presentation. You may practice before, but once you hit record, there are no retakes (simulating live presentation). No audio or video enhancements may be made to the original content with the exception of some submissions allowing an additional MP3 Audio. Please review submission guidelines.

FAF attendees and/or participants, by their submission of this form, grant permission to the Iowa Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God to use the registrant’s image(s) and to photograph, reproduce, edit, publish, and/or record any musical, dramatic, artistic, photographic, and/or written presentation at the FAF without compensation to the registrant, author, or creator of the work for the purpose of promoting FAF and/or Assemblies of God Youth Ministries. The author or creator of any entry used retains copyright ownership.

It is the responsibility of the students, parents, and youth leaders to be completely legal and ethical in their conduct regarding copyrighted music, scripts, or any other original published or unpublished works. All FAF participants must follow these guidelines:
a. Never use digital or printed copies of music or scripts to avoid purchasing original materials.
b. Never use software, sound files, video clips, quotes, or any other copyrighted work for your presentation without obtaining the copyrights or the explicit written permission from the publisher or creator. Always give appropriate credit to the author or creator for all copyrighted materials used to create your Fine Arts festival entries.
c. Never use unpublished music or scripts without written permission from the author or creator of the work.
d. Splicing must only be done after obtaining the proper license or permission of the copyright owner(s).
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We will contact you with the e-mail you provided if there are any questions we have regarding your submission. Your submission will be sent to a panel of FAF evaluators and score sheets will be returned to your church upon completion. If you have any questions before that, please call our office at 319.330.9312, or email us Thank you!
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