Climate Change Education Survey
Hi my name is Mimi Libow and I am studying Economics and Strategy with a minor in Environmental Analysis. This is a survey about climate change and your education at WashU. The data will be used in a research paper for my college writing class.The survey will be completely anonymous. Thank you so much for filling this out! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 407-534-7508.
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What is your primary school? *
What Is your expected graduation year?
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Which best describes your family's annual household income? *
Where are you from? (ig Orlando, Florida) *
Have you taken any environmental class at WashU? *
If Yes, Which Class?
How Confident are You in a Solution to Climate Change? *
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Extremely Confident
How comprehensive do you think your high school climate education has been? *
How comprehensive do you think your college climate education has been? *
How Often do You Find Yourself Thinking about Climate Change and its Impacts Outside of a Classroom Setting? *
Not at all
Very Often
How has your education (formal or informal) about climate change impacted your feelings or actions?
Do you experience any feelings below when considering climate change?
Can you share any positive outcomes or personal growth you've experienced as a result of dealing with any sort of climate anxiety? (Type N/A if not applicable)
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