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Brick By Brick Academy is a community driven platform geared towards helping others reach their goals through fitness, financial literacy, and personal & business development. We have expanded our online fitness department and are seeking Independent Contractors and Brand Ambassadors to grow with us through this journey. Please review the following questions before submitting your answers and submit your resume to Our academy does not require any specific experience. We want to simply share an opportunity with you to create an additional source of income by spreading the word while getting more people in your community signed up to experience a informational program full of resources. If you do not have a formal resume, do not hesitate to still send us a request and we will help you through the process to provide you an opportunity. Once you submit your request, we will send you a follow up email or text.
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Do you currently own a business, want to start your own business, or once had your own business? *
If you answered "yes" to the question above, consider to share with us what kind of business or dream you have in mind for us to help you achieve that goal through our academy.
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Objectives of the position:
* Independent Contractors, Social Media Influencers and Brand Ambassadors will share with others about Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth platform.
* Once either of these approved position members (Independent Contractor, Social Media Influencer, or Brand Ambassador) sign up a new member and that customer payment is verified, based off of the membership you sign a person up, Brick By Brick Academy will prepare its payout to compensate you for the total amount of sign ups every two weeks.
* We ask that each hired member keep a track record for additional verification of each member that they sign up to ensure we handle all transactions accordingly. We will continue to expand our technology systems for automatic payouts as we grow to that level.
* We ask that every prospect follow us on social media so that we when we share posts and updates, we can properly tag you to recognize you for your success. (If you submit this form, you agree for images and marketing content that we create and that you share with us is safe and okay to use to promote)
* We ask that you consider to share your success on your social media accounts and tag @BrickByBrickAcademy Instagram page
Did you know that we provide opportunities to those that want better for themselves, no matter background or situations experienced?
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