Athens County Non-Profit / Social Services Agency Transportation Survey
Athens County wants to hear from local organizations! Transportation is an important part of our community. As we try to better understand what transportation needs Athens County residents have, please help us learn a little about what transportation barriers you see as you try to fulfill your agency's mission and goals in Athens County.

Once this information is collected,The Athens County Coordinated Transportation Plan will address these issues and plan for important changes to transportation in our area with the Ohio Department of Transportation. In the upcoming months public round tables regarding transportation will be held throughout Athens County that anyone can attend. If you would like more information on the upcoming public forums, have any questions, or need assistance filling out this survey, please contact the Athens County Mobility Coordinator, Jessie Schmitzer, at

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What services does your organization offer?
Is your organization located in Athens County?
What city or village is your organization located? (Check all that apply if you operate in multiple locations)
If your organization is not located in the cities or villages listed above, what township is your organization located in? Refer to the map below for assistance.
What area does your organization serve?
If you serve a certain area of Athens County, what area do you serve?
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Would you consider transportation a barrier for community members to get to your organization / events / appointments?
How important is it for clients to have transportation to utilize your services?
Not important at all
Extremely important
Does your organization provide transportation for clients?
If you answered yes, is the transportation offered through your organization or through a third party?
Have clients ever missed appointments due to a lack of transportation?
Have members of the staff missed scheduled work time to provide transportation to a friend or family member?
If you answered yes, how often does this occur?
Have clients ever been dropped from a program or assistance due to a lack of transportation?
Are you interested in coordinating with other agencies and transportation providers?
What could be done to improve transportation options for community members utilizing your services?
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If your organization would like to be contacted about transportation options available in Athens County or would like to see the results of this survey, please leave a phone number or email address:
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