Haight Street Commons - Co-living Interest Form
Welcome! This form is for anyone interested in community living in the Bay Area. Tell us a little about yourself, what you’re looking for and what you need, and we’ll help you find the best matches from the Haight Street Commons group of co-living locations.

These responses go to a pool that each HSC house sometimes references when looking for new members. This means that applications are never "rejected", but it also means that you may not get a response if no houses are actively looking to fill available space when you apply. If you want to ensure a response, consider reaching out to a house you're particularly interested in!

Haven't made up your mind? Just curious? That's OK, we'd still like to talk to you.

Haight St. Commons is a network of not-for-profit co-ops and intentional communities in San Francisco. We believe that human beings are not meant to live alone. We believe that community provides purpose and joy to modern life. We are here to help make this reality for everyone who believes the same.
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COVID-19 brings up some important reflections on how we live together. Check everything that describes ways in which you feel comfortable living.
Which of the following things would exist in your ideal community? Check up to 5. (it’s supposed to be hard!)
What does organization in your ideal community look like?
Anything else you'd like to share? You can share why you are interested in communal living, links to social media/websites, some art, anything! (max 1500 characters)
You have the option to edit your response after submitting. If you do find housing with a group through this or another option, please describe what happened here so we know how we are doing and who is still looking <3
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