Artefakts Online Paper Marbling Workshop
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At the moment, our Online Paper Marbling workshop is open for corporate or private group events only. A minimum of 8 participants is required. Please indicate your preferred event date and time and we will try our best to accommodate. Thank you!
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Online Paper Marbling Workshop
Online Paper Marbling Workshop

Enjoy the therapeutic and transformational art of paper marbling – right in the comfort of your own home! In response to an increasing demand for virtual lessons, this introductory online lesson lets you get started quickly with the basics of marbling. Designed for the absolute beginner, you will be guided virtually via Zoom as you have fun creating one-of-a-kind patterns! Be mesmerised as you watch fascinating patterns emerge through the process of creating your very own, one-of-a-kind work of art.

• Suitable for families with children 8 years and above
• Fully guided online workshop via Zoom or Google Meet
• No prior art experience required
• Complete art materials kit delivered to your doorstep!

What is Paper Marbling?

Marbling involves floating paints on a surface of thickened liquid and manipulating them to create patterns. Using combs, brushes, sticks and other implements, you move paint drops around to make swirls, floral patterns, organic shapes etc.

Specially prepared paper is then laid on top of the liquid to pick up the paints. Each dip results in a unique, beautiful pattern that transforms into abstract art! The possibilities are endless.
Programme Outline
1. Online lesson via Zoom or Google Meet
2. Total Duration: 110 mins (i.e. 1 hr 50 mins)
3. Step-by-step hands-on guided art making process
4. 2 video tutorials
5. 3 ‘live’ demo sessions
6. All materials provided
7. QR code links to marbling resources for further self-practice

By the end of the session, participants should be able to complete 3 pieces of marbled patterns

After the lesson, participants are free to continue exploring on their own to create more pieces.

What will I learn in this workshop?

• Origins of paper marbling
• How to prepare the marbling medium or size
• How to prepare paper to receive ink
• Techniques for creating basic marbling patterns, such as stone, floral burst, hearts, gel-git, nonpareil, etc
• Troubleshooting common mistakes and problems
Artefakts Basic Marbling Kit
Tools & Materials

The Artefakts Basic Marbling Kit which will be delivered to participants before the class. This starter kit includes the essential marbling ingredients, materials and tools. Please allow about 7 days for delivery.

What’s included in the Artefakts Basic Marbling Kit?
Item List:
1. Marbling Paints – 9 bottles; each 5ml squeeze bottle contains a premixed colour
2. Carrageenan Powder – makes 1000ml of marbling size
3. Bamboo Skewers
4. Marbling Comb
5. Mini mixing cups
6. Alum Papers – 24 sheets of A6 papers specially coated with alum on one side
7. Marbling Tray A5 size
Important Admin Notes
• The date for the online session should be at least 10 days ahead from the date of request. This is to allow for sufficient time for delivery of the art material kits to your participant's homes
• A minimum of 8 participants is required to start a class
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Terms and Conditions
1. Registration will be confirmed only upon receiving full and correct payment via PayNow or PayLah
2. A confirmation email indicating successful payment will be sent to you via email
3. If you are unable to make it, you may arrange for alternative session on a mutually convenient date
4. Likewise, we may reschedule classes based on our studio availability
5. You may postpone the workshop session for up to a period of 2 calendar months from date of original session, unless there are extenuating circumstances
6. Classes are conducted in-person at our art studio, except for online workshops
7. Guests are responsible for their own punctuality. There will be no extension of class time for guests who arrive late
8. Strictly no refunds for change of mind or unconsumed sessions
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