Gitannekesfoor: Artist Application Form 2018
Hello there artists! Welcome!

In the past few years Gitannekesfoor received a massive amount of (well, quite some) e-mails, phone calls and facebook message of artists from all around the world asking us whether they could play at our festival.

Up until now we always spent a lot of time listing up all this information making sure we provide everybody a fair chance of being selected to perform.

However, we came to a point where we needed to find a more structured way for collecting all this information in order to make sure we continue to give everybody an equal chance reaching the organization.

Therefore we created this little form where every artist who wishes to apply can provide us some basic information about what they have to offer our festival!

Thanks a lot for your understanding and we are looking forward seeing amazing stuff coming in!

Golden greetings,
The Gitannekes


Please note:

We will only use the information below as part of our selection procedure for the line-up of Gitannekesfoor 2018 and we'll never share this information with third parties (ea. prices).

In case we are interested in your performance we will contact you. Don't call us we'll call you.

Easy? Easy!

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