Course Utility Survey
For parents from the host societies

Parents for All - KA2 Strategic Partnership for Innovation in Adult Education
Content and Structure of the Training Material
1. The content of the training material was clear and easy to understand. *
2. The content was interesting and engaging. *
3. I could personally relate to many of the topics. *
4. The additional resources linked in the training material were interesting and useful. *
5. The ratio of theoretical and practical parts was good. *
Overall Experience and Utility
6. I would recommend this training material to others. *
7. This training material was useful to me. *
8. The training material helped me realize my own stereotypes to a fuller degree. *
9. The training material empowered me in helping my children to cope with diversity. *
10. The training material encouraged me to participate in school activities that promote interculturalism. *
11. The training material helped me understand the challenges that MR/ECM parents face and helped me become more empathetic towards them. *
12. The training material helped me gain a wider perspective on other educational systems that are different from the one in my country. *
Comments on Strengths and Ways of Improvement
13. What changes would you recommend to improve this training material? *
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14. What did you like best about this training material? *
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15. What did you like least about this training material? *
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16. Add your own comments.
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