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I wish to apply for membership in the Open Bioinformatics Foundation.
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The OBF will treat all personal information as strictly confidential and will not share personal information with anyone except members of the OBF Board of Directors, or entities or person appointed by the Board to administer membership communication. This may be subject to change--please see below.
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We will send you a welcome letter to the address you specify here, and use it for all communication. If you don't hear from us within a week (check your spam folder), your email may be bouncing or fail to deliver for other reasons, and then please contact us so we can correct the address. Your membership becomes active only if we are able to contact you successfully within 3 weeks. Note that unfortunately we cannot currently support email addresses, due to blacklisting by beyond our control.
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Email addresses sometimes change. Having alternate ways of corroborating your identity on the internet helps us to track down a new contact address if the primary one we have from you bounces.
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If you're unfamiliar with ORCIDs, you might want to create one for yourself, see
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Membership eligibility
Anyone who is interested in furthering the objectives of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation is eligible for membership. We consider attendance at a past or the current Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) as sufficient evidence of eligibility. If you have not attended BOSC, please provide alternative evidence of your eligibility.
Are you attending BOSC this year, or have you attended BOSC in the past? *
If you have not attended BOSC, please state why you meet the eligibility criteria for OBF membership.
Evidence of eligibility can be substantive involvement with open-source projects in bioinformatics or other fields, open-source or open science activism or contributions, open-source community building work, etc. You can provide links to external resources if those speak for themselves and show your involvement.
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I understand that member rights and duties are laid down in the OBF Bylaws (available at *
I understand that if the OBF's privacy statement changes, I will be notified at the above email address(es) and if I do not express disagreement with the proposed changes by terminating my membership within 10 days of receipt of notification, I consent to the changes. *
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