Art & Protest Application: Spring 2017
Students in this advanced studio art seminar/lab focused will spend the semester collaboratively studying and creating activist art with guidance from several Art Department faculty.

The course will meet on Tuesdays from 12-2 and Thursdays from 12-1.

The course will be taught collaboratively by Art Department faculty and will consist of seminars that explore activist art and studio workshops. Students in the course will individually or collectively develop works of activist art that engage the CCNY community.

To be eligible for this course, you must have taken several art courses AND complete this application. Students will be selected for the class based on their readiness to begin immediately working on an activist-oriented art project.
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How many credits have you completed? *
Have you taken more than 4 Art courses? *
What social issues are you interested in exploring? (ex. racism, climate change, election politics, gender identities, sexism, xenophobia, education, inequality, etc.) *
Have you thought about any art you might make in relation to these social issues? If so, please describe your ideas. *
Why do you want to take this class? *
Briefly describe the nature of your work, including underlying themes--including, but not limited to, activism--as well as primary media you use (but you are welcome and encouraged to explore alternative production modes in this course to achieve your proposed idea). *
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