Allied Arts Facilities Usage Request Form
All events and programs scheduled must ensure conformity to the organization’s goals, policies, and procedures.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.
At no time should chairs, tables or other equipment be used outside of the building.
No electrical equipment of any kind may be brought into the building and used without the prior written approval of Allied Arts.
Keys must be turned in the next business day after the reservation; Allied Arts may charge a $5 late fee for every day the key is late.

By signing this contract and the liability waiver, you agree to comply with the Usage Policy and understand reservation of the facility is not complete until approved and confirmed by Allied Arts and a $50 deposit has been paid.

PLEASE NOTE: For a sit-down event, 24 seats is the maximum the Allen's Market space will hold. For audience-style seating, the space can hold 60 chairs
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How do you need the room to be set up? (Chairs around tables, chairs in audience-style seating, etc...) *
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