Needy Pet Drive Application
Date: December 15, 2018
Time: 1:30 pm - 4 pm
Where: BARk Headquarters, 1700 W Philadelphia St, York PA 17404
BARk has established a Needy Pet Drive for the purpose of providing pet supplies to needy animals in West York Boro as well as surround areas. Any approved donations will need to be picked up by the requesting person. You will need to contact BARk if someone else will be picking up or receiving the donation for you. They will need to have a copy of their license as well as your TICKET. If they do not have these items the day of pick up they will not be able to receive the donations.
Our desire is to help your pets. In order to assure that we are servicing you and your pets in the est manner, we need to understand you and your circumstances. Your information will only be used by BARk in order to determine if you are eligible for assistance.
1. Complete all information on the application and sign it. Only one application per household. Please make sure attach a copy of your photo ID. (if you can not upload your photo ID please stop into our office and drop one off)
2. Applications must be turned in no later than December 1st. Office hours are typically but are subject to change Weds 6p-8p and Sats 1p - 3p
3. Once you submit your application and it is approved you will receive a Ticket either via email, mail or you may stop in and pick it up. Please let BARk know which method you wish. Remember no Ticket no donations.
4. If you need someone else to pick up your donations please contact BARk at and let us know their name, address and phone number, remember they must have your Ticket the day of pick up or they can not receive your donations no exceptions.
5. Pick up times are 1:30 pm to 4 pm at BARk Headquarters 1700 W Philadelphia Street, York PA 17404 (The old West York Boro Building)
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