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Thanks for your interest in serving alongside DOP. We look forward to reviewing your application.
Job Description
Staff photographers will provide images to accompany 1-2 articles per issue over the course of their term. They will work closely with our Chief Editor and Photography Director to understand the vision for each photoshoot and the issue as a whole. The Photography Director will provide oversight, reference images, and specific assignments for each photo session, being available to answer questions and give input along the way.

Staff photographers are given 4-6 weeks to work on their assignments. Images should be culled and delivered according to the specifications provided by the Photography Director, and turned in promptly by the deadlines given.

Staff photographers will provide a photography consent form to each person included in the images, ensuring that dress standards are being complied with in accordance with the DOP photography guidelines.

Please note that images are subject to some minor editing at the Photography Director's discretion. Edits are performed only as needed to bring cohesion to the images throughout the issue. Photographers will receive credit lines in and free copies of each issue they contribute to.

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This term will run from the Spring 2019 issue through the Winter 2019 issue.
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Please read the Photography guidelines at DOP reaches a conservative Anabaptist audience so consistency in our visuals is important.
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If you do not have an online portfolio, please email photography samples to Please include your name.
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