Technology Plan Reveiw Process Development Team
The New Hampshire Department of Education is responsible for approval of school district technology plans. Such approval is based on the extent to which plans address the elements described in the six major sections of the Online School Technology Planning Guide available on NHEON. The Guide provides resources and a recommended outline for district technology committees as they create, implement and update their technology plans. As standards and guidelines change, it becomes necessary to update both the tech planning guide, and the process by which tech plans are reviewed. The Office of Educational Technology would like to develop and coordinate a collaborative process for technology plan review. In order to share best practices, deepen our understanding of the requirements needed for a technology plan, and broaden the scope of how technology planning goals, objectives, and action steps can be integrated into other district plans and initiatives, it would be beneficial if technology plans were reviewed by volunteers from other technology planning committees across the state. If you are interested in helping with the development and/or implementation of this process, please take a few minutes to answer the questions below.
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