COOL Project - Student evaluation of Clilstore
Please help us improve Clilstore by indicating your level of agreement with the following items using the scale below:

5 Excellent
4 Good
3 Acceptable
2 Weak
1 Poor

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Clilstore is easy to use. *
Clilstore is user-friendly. *
The Clilstore inteface is modern and appealing. *
Clilstore (Wordlink) makes it easier to read texts. *
Clilstore (Wordlink) allows me to read a text more quickly. *
The Clilstore (Multidict) dictionary interface worked well. *
The dictionaries available in Clilstore (Multidict) are good. *
In Clilstore (Multidict), I was able to swap from one dictionary to another easily. *
What I liked best about Clilstore: *
What I think could be improved: *
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