Vraj Youth Volunteer Coordination Committee
This Committee serves to facilitate the volunteer efforts of Vraj Youth and its members, both through the bi-annual Seva Days, as well as through leadership positions taken while volunteering for various holidays held at Vraj (Annakut, Holi, Etc.). We have two positions open on this committee:

-Accomodations/Supplies: Responsible for securing a place to stay for however many volunteers are able to come to Seva Day. Also responsible for making sure there are enough accommodations for youth volunteers arriving for festivals and holidays like Holi and Annakut. This person is also responsible for helping to procure any supplies that are required for Seva Day, and as such should be in contact with Rakesh Uncle and the Vraj Beautification team.

-Seva Project Planning: This candidate should be in constant contact with Rakesh Uncle to develop both a sunny and rainy day plan for Seva Day. They will also be responsible for brainstorming new projects that can be attempted during Seva Day. This person should also be in contact with the Supplies member to ascertain the feasibility of projects.

*Your attendance is mandatory for these events.

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