Hungeocontest online round 2020-2021
Basic information

From now, the language of the communication is English. This is the Answer Sheet of the online round of our geographical contest. There is also a Question Booklet on this link:

which contains the full description of every tasks. Questions here in Answer Sheet are somewhat shortened and simplified, so highly recommend to download and read the Question Booklet first. Open and start to answer this sheet if you have the solution. You will also need to register first, the password you defined during the registration process will be used for your identification during the test.

There are six tasks (A-F), each covers more than one question. You are free to decide, which sequence you may follow. Of course, You can step back during the test, until you do not close your browser window. Do not forget to send the test when finished. You have also the possibility (until the deadline) to edit your test after sent to us. If you send more than one test sheet to us with the same name, we will automatically evaluate the latest one, and delete all the earlier versions.
Please, check the instructions for further technical hints:

Good luck, and remember:
The final deadline is at 22:00, 6th of November, 2020!
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