AMTNJ Customized Staff Development Submission Form (2021-2022)
The Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey
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What is Customized Staff Development?
Customized Staff Development (formerly known as "PD on Demand") is a program in which school districts or other organizations request a speaker to provide professional development for their staff.  The organization may choose a workshop from our brochure, or they may request a customized workshop.
Response to COVID-19
As of now, AMTNJ will now offer both in-person and virtual workshops. We are looking for speakers to provide dynamic, engaging, and interactive online workshop sessions, not simply to lecture. Should state guidelines change, we may move back to all virtual workshops.
How are speakers paid?
The speaker will earn 50% of the cost to a district.

In-person workshops:
Speaker earns $750 for a full-day workshop; $600 for a half-day workshop (9 AM –1 PM); or $400 for up to 3 hours.

Speaker earns $125 per hour. Workshops will be one to five hours long (possibly split amongst multiple sessions or days).

Subsequent sessions with the same organization would be shared between the presenter and AMTNJ *at an increased rate for the presenter* for the subsequent two years.

AMTNJ would expect that with regard to the relationship formed between a speaker and the organization who hired that speaker through AMTNJ, that the speaker and the organization would not enter into a separate arrangement for an independent workshop for at least two years from the date of the initial presentation. If the speaker is asked to do a subsequent independent presentation by another person or organization as a direct result of their having experienced the workshop that was sponsored by AMTNJ, AMTNJ would expect that the same two-year window would be honored.

Presenters may not advertise or sell products during their sessions.
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Additional information
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Résumé and References
Please send your most recent résumé to Dianna M. Sopala at, just in case a district requests it. Please include the title, location, date, audience, and a brief description (approximately 50 words) for three (3) recent presentations you have given.
In addition, please include the name, email address, and phone number of three (3) professional references.
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