#MyCameronCounty Survey
We're looking for YOUR Cameron County Story -- What do you LOVE about living here, and why? Where do you most enjoy, what do you miss? What is your wish for Cameron County?

We're looking for the heart of our community, and I know it sits in the hearts of our residents, and what we love about the communities in our county.

Please take a moment and answer the questions below. THIS IS ANONYMOUS, so please be honest. All the data we collect will be used to create community action statements. This is Resident-Driven Community Visioning and we're so excited to hear you out! It is our hope your stories will eventually be used to to help our local agencies, elected officials, and businesses make decisions that impact us, spark change, honor our heritage and allow them to seek funding to provide services inline with what we love. It will help us build bridges, increase trust, and change conversations.... connecting us on the topics of which we can all agree. No one knows your Cameron County better than you --You Matter! Your Voice Matters! Your Story Matters!

What do you love about Cameron County? Why? *
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How do you most enjoy spending your time here? What makes that special?
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What do you miss about Cameron County? What has changed in your time here? *
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What is your wish for Cameron County? Why is that important to you? *
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*Remember this is anonymous*We want to ensure ALL voices are heard and represented --your honesty through this next portion is crucial to our project.
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Before you go, please read:
All answers will be compiled and general themes will be presented to the public in our Community Summits in Late 2018-2019 once all resident groups are represented. My goal is to find the ties that unite us, the real heart of our community. The Cameron County Project is partnered with the Cameron County Community Chest, a 501 (c) 3 organization. Please contact me, Jessica Herzing, at camcoproud@gmail.com with questions, or if you would like to share you Cameron County story in person.
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