Harvest @ Home Partners and Volunteers
Thank you for your interest in Harvest @ Home. This Community Action Group is a partnership made possible by Cherwell Community Larder, Oxford Mutual Aid, Abundance, Good Food Oxford, Oxford City Farm, Replenish, Community Action Groups Oxfordshire and local councils and allotment associations. Harvest @ Home receives guidance from Cllr Ian Middleton of Cherwell District Council. You can find out more here: http://harvestathome.uk

If you are just here to give us some money, please donate here: https://opencollective.com/harvestathome

Our goal is to get more people growing their own produce. At the moment our program prioritises households experiencing food insecurity due to the COVID crisis, but after that the plan is to roll this out to the whole of Oxfordshire. We are working very closely with the council to facilitate this program, but we welcome partners and volunteers of all sorts.

Some of the things we plan to organise:

Starter Kits
Our main product is a garden starter kit. Ideally a largest kit includes containers, tools, gloves, compost, plug plants, seeds, and fertiliser. Ideally this will supplement a family's produce for about 10 weeks in the summer. We also plan to offer smaller kits, indoor/windowsill kits for houses without garden space, potato bags, and generally cater the specific plants to people's needs.

We plan to organise a few donation drives for the following:
seedlings and plug plants
containers: pots, planters, troughs (and potentially engage people to make pots)
Canes/trellis/climbing aids

We plan to partner with local community gardening programs to create a series of guides, including showing growth stages of seeds, potential tips for beginners, or even troubleshooting. Replenish has featured a "trash to treasure" guide that teaches people what household trash can be repurposed for planting that we also hope to feature. Co-Grow is a new facebook group that brings many local associations together for the purpose of broadening the gardening community.

We will encourage all recipients to become part of local online gardening communities to encourage participation and promote success. If possible, we hope people can share any excess from harvests with one another.

We are still organising this effort and are trying to centralise our potential partners for the Harvest @ Home program.

Please fill in the form below to help streamline that effort. If you have any questions at all feel free to e-mail us at harvestathomeuk@gmail.com or call 01865 817676.

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