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Which age group are you a part of?
In what country do you currently reside?
Rank the Islamic activities that you would like to practice better?
No problem there
I face some difficulties
I need this
How to maintain very strong islamic belief and “Iman”
How to excel in your prayers
How to do Zakat and Sadaqah “Charity”
How to Fast Ramdhan better?
How to do Hajj and Omrah better?
How to understand Islamic business transactions “Fiqah Al-Moamlat” فقه المعاملات
How to read and understand Quran
How to read and understand Hadith
How to say Athkar/ Duaa better
How to adopt Islamic ethics and behaviors
How to have balanced Islamic Lifestyle
What could be preventing you from doing so? What are their main pain points in practicing Islamic activities?
No problem here
In "some" activities I face this
This is exactly the problem
I don’t know well how to do it- Lack of knowledge
I’m not motivated sometimes to do it- Lack of motivation
I didn’t think about it and plan for it- Lack of planning
I forgot most of the time- Lack of reminder
I’m not sure how can I track my performance - Lack of performance management
Is IslamicFinder/Athan helping you overcome the pain points?
How would you like to reward us for the value we create?
How often would you like to use the platform, if all pain points are addressed via new features ?
Which type of media would you prefer for addressing the pain points chosen above?
Which individual's/groups' religious performance updates would you be most interested in?
Would you like to see their performance and share your progress as an optional feature?
Would you like to see games and challenges that will enable you to practice better?
What language do you prefer?
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