Kramden Tech Scholars Nomination Form
• Must be a student in grades 3-12
• Must be nominated by an educator who works with the student in a academic setting
• The student must be hard-working or academically motivated
• The student must not have access to a working computer in their home
Program Details:
The default computer award is a free refurbished desktop with an open source operating system. Only high school students qualify for laptops and $100 is required for all laptops at time of pickup. The computer award day will take place at the Kramden office during one of our monthly events unless other arrangements are made with Kramden staff. Kramden does not deliver computers. An award letter will be sent to the nominator when the student is designated for an award day (typical wait time, 1-2 months).
1. School Contact Information
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2. Student Contact Information
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3. Student Eligibility
Does this student have access to a working home computer? *
If you answered yes to the question above, please describe.
Do you consider this student to be hardworking and academically motivated? Please describe. *
4. Laptop Option
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Laptops are available for students in grades 9-12. A $100 fee is required at pick up. Supply is limited.
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