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Our “Farmers Write” section in our printed newsletter is an opportunity for EFAO members to share real-life short stories on topics inspired by life as a farmer.⁣

We have provided topics for the 2020 year and are asking you to share stories from your own life as they relate to the topic. ⁣

The topics are intentionally broad - please feel free to express in a way that makes sense for you and your story. We aren’t as concerned about style and perfect writing, as we are about great stories that others might find truth in as well. We suggest a word limit of 250 to 450 words but are happy to help edit a story or post a longer version on the EFAO blog. We are able to publish stories anonymously if that allows you to be more free in your writing. ⁣

Upcoming Topics⁣

Spring - Farm Animals ⁣
Deadline March 9⁣

Fall - Long Days ⁣
Deadline June 8⁣

Winter - Breaking The Rules ⁣
Deadline September 7⁣

You can also suggest future Farmers Write topics.

***This form is completely anonymous depending upon how you choose to answer the questions below. Your email or name is not automatically provided to us by filling out this form.

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Editorial Considerations - While we don't question the truthfulness of the writing, we must be sensitive to considerations of libel or invasion of privacy. If you've already changed the names of the people involved, please say so. Often time to time submissions are edited for length, clarity, and or grammar, but contributors have the opportunity to approve or disapprove of editorial changes prior to publication. If you don't need to be contacted regarding the editing of your work, please let us know.
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