ACCS Core Competency Age-Specific Exam
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1. A normal heart rate for the infant patient is:
2. An infant will communicate via behavioral cues and physiological parameters which reflect adaptation tolerance or distress and intolerance.
3. Two physical traits of a toddler are:
4. A toddler is able to complete which of these tasks:
5. The normal respiratory rate for a pre-school age child is:
6. A pre-school age child begins to understand right from wrong and fair from unfair:
7. A school-age child may:
8. A school-age child will begin to prefer:
9. Two physical characteristics of an adolescent are:
10. Early adolescents may feel more fatigued and require more sleep:
11. Bone mass begins to decrease at age 30.
12. A person in late adulthood may experience:
13. For patients with hearing deficits, speaking loudly in a high pitched tone will help:
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