Dr Rubin's Mini Medical School for High School Students - Class of 2021
Dr. Rubin's Mini Medical School for High School Students is a program designed to encourage high school juniors, seniors and advanced sophomores to pursue a career in medicine and surgery. Details of our programs can be found on our website: www.minimedicalschool.com Dr. Rubin has been running this program since 2005. As with the world around us today, Dr.Rubin has adapted his program due to the pandemic. Last summer we ran 8 sessions at NIU Naperville Campus with 4 rooms, each room had 3, 4 or 5 students and 2 trained TA's who provided help as needed. Every effort was made to protect the health of our students: we screened each student upon entry with a temperature and screening questions, we kept all students physically distanced 6 or more feet. Each student wore a mask and gloves during the entire program. All lectures were streamed to the students home computer. Students were provided the full breath of our traditional hands on experiences. For students who are unable or unwilling to attend the experiences due to COVID, we are looking into creating a virtual experience for them.

This winter we are offering the same COVID standards for our winter Mini Medical School for High School Students Program. Students will view my lectures at home at their own pace and then meet us at the Northern Illinois University Naperville Campus where we will meet twice. Each session is 4 hours. The students will work in small groups of 8 students mentored by 2 teaching assistants. Each student will be assigned a seat that is 6 or more feet from another student. We will meet for 2 sessions and we will conclude with 2 parts: a 45 minute lecture that discusses how students can go from high school to med school or other heath related professions and a video presentation of the students experiences.

This application has 3 required parts ( teacher recommendations are optional this year) :
1. This online form which includes a short essay - 200 or less words.
2. A parent consent form.
3. A counselor form.
*** Due to the pandemic and the extra stress teachers are under, a recommendation is optional this year.

We need the first 3 parts to consider you for the program. Once all forms are received and complete we will invite students who we believe will best benefit from our program for an online interview. We will offer the online interview through a secured online connection using doximitry or google Duo or similar software. The deadline for us to receive this form is October 31, 2020. The deadline for us to receive all other forms - parent consent, teacher recommendation and counselor form - is November 6 th.

**** Please note that we will evaluate applications on a rolling basis, so the earlier your application is complete, the earlier you get an interview and better are you chances of being accepted.

Here are our instructions:

1. Fill out and submit this form online. The form will only submit if all required (RED) fields are filled out. You will get a computer generated message once the submit button is pressed. Follow the message and download the next part.

2. Download the file containing the parent consent, school counselor form and optional teacher recommendation. Print the forms and complete the information. Write clearly or use your computer to complete the form.

3. Remember to ask your parent to sign the parent consent form and counselor form. Send the parent form back to us via email or fax.

4. Email your school counselor form and ask him or her to use our form online or send it by email or fax.

5. Due to the pandemic, teacher recommendations are optional. Email a math or science teacher you had last year or this year and ask them to complete the teacher recommendation form either online or send it by email or fax. You only need one recommendation. If you send in 2, we will only process the first one received. It is best to have this recommendation from a teacher you had last year. If that is not possible, ask your current teacher. Please remember that due to the stress we are all under from the pandemic, the teacher recommendation is optional this year.

6. A notice of completion will be sent via email once we have all 3 forms.

7. After reviewing complete applications, we will offer selected students an interview. We will respond to your application within the month of your interview. If offered a spot in the program, we will require you send in our program fee of $450 to us within the next 2 weeks. As a 501C3 private foundation, we are not setup to accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. All we ask is you have a parent write a check to Dr. Rubin's Mini Medical School. There is no other fee required to attend this program.

During the program, all students experience many advance medical and surgical procedures. Here is a partial list:
1. organ dissections including eye, brain, heart and kidney.
2. measure vital signs: temp, pulse, respiratory rate and temperature
3. examination of the eye
4. examination of ears
5. examination of the nose and mouth
6. use the stethoscope to hear heart and lung sounds
7. examination of the abdomen
8. checking central and peripheral nerves
10. how to read x-rays
11. how to interpret an EKG
12. Cast a broken bone
13. Splint an injured finger
14. Make a plaster slipper.
15. knot tying
16 suture a laceration
17 deliver a normal baby
18. Intubate the larynx
19 start an IV line
20. perform injections
21. laparoscopic basic procedures

Students who accept and then cancel by December 30, 2020 will be refunded $300. Students who cancel after Dec 30 will not be entitled to a refund. If we are unable to run our program due to COVID, we will issue a full refund. We will not be able to issue a refund if your student is not able to attend due to COVID illness or exposure. However, in that case, we will do our best to offer your student an online experience to watch at home.
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