Project Borealis - Programming (Blueprint Interface)
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Empower our artists and level designers with enhanced tools and logic system specific to our game and workflows within the Unreal Engine 4. Use the powerful Blueprint visual scripting language to create Blutilities, extend our level entity system to create easy to use interfaces for level designers and create modifications to the Unreal Editor UI where needed for enhanced productivity.
Skill Requirements
● Proficiency in C++
● Experience with Python recommended
● Experience with the UE4 Blutility system
● Experience with the Slate UI framework
● Experience with Blueprint and C++ interfacing
● Knowledge of Git and Bash recommended
Project Requirements
● Giving and receiving feedback on code through branch reviews
● A passion for Half-Life’s game design and mechanics
● Commit and push work as often as possible on a separate branch
● Experiment with new ideas from curiosity and creativity
● Ability to plan out your own milestones and goals, with guidance from a lead.
● The ability to contribute, on average, 5 hours a week to Project Borealis
Additional Optional Skills
● Knowledge of Half-Life mechanics
● Knowledge of Hammer and Source entities
● In-depth knowledge of Source Engine behavior
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