The Festy Experience Food Vendor Info & Application
1. Fees
a. Vendor fees fluctuate based upon size of plot required and services offered.
b. All vending fees are non-refundable.

2. Vending Space Provided
a. Vendor must supply their own tent and signage. The Festy Experience will provide a typical vending plot of 20’ x 20’ to accommodate one (1) food truck OR one (1) 20’ x 10’ sales tent AND a 20’ x 10’ staging area. Size of plot is negotiable.
b. Electrical Requirements: The Festy Experience will provide two (2) 20 amp plug-ins.

3. Staff Meals
a. Food vendors are required to offer an $8.00 meal option for staff meals.
b. Staff will trade a Staff Meal Ticket for the $8.00 option, or be allowed to use the $8.00 Staff Meal Ticket towards the balance of a higher-priced meal item.
c. During settlement, The Festy will pay $8.00 per Staff Meal Ticket that the food vendor turns in. All Staff Meal Tickets will be settled before food vendors leave the venue site.

4. Safety
a. You are solely responsible for complying with all safety, health, and fire code requirements.
b. You must have a fire extinguisher at your location if you are dealing with any electronic, cooking, or grilling equipment, or any flammable materials.

5. State/Local Laws & Taxes
a. You are responsible for paying all appropriate sales tax with respect to the sale of goods, including meals tax paid to Nelson County, and for procuring all permits and documentation that are required by local and state government to operate within the state of Virginia.
b. Each food vendor must also comply with the Nelson County Health Department’s codes for safe food handling. Temporary Public Food Service License & Information can be found by contacting the Nelson County Health Department (434-263-8315).

6. Required Documents
a. You are also required to submit the following documents for this signed contract to be valid:
i. Certificate of Insurance
1. Liability insurance must be $1 million per incident, minimum
ii. Copy of Health Department Certificate
iii. Copy of Menu

7. Greening at The Festy
a. We require the use of uncoated or certified compostable items only for foodservice packaging. *PLEASE NOTE items with recycled content, regular paper cups and plates, and/or those called “biodegradable” are not the same as certified compostable, which has to meet a specific time-frame and non-toxicity standard.
b. We ask that all foodservice items be reusable, recyclable or compostable.
c. The following are prohibited items at The Festy Experience:
i. Bottled flat water (we will allow the sale of other bottled products or house made drinks served in recyclable containers)
ii. Petroleum-based products including, but not limited to:
1. Styrofoam
2. Service cups and straws
3. Bowls and containers
4. Utensils
iii. Difficult to separate packages (e.g., wax paper-aluminum foil combinations)
iv. Any items that are illegal to sell, distribute or purchase in the State of Virginia
d. All service providers shall properly sort the waste in their area into three streams:
i. Compost (food waste and other compostables, as described above)
ii. Recycling (glass, plastic, metal, paper, flattened corrugated cardboard)
iii. Landfill trash

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