Orchestra Letter Award Form
Completion of this document along with an accumulation of 5 points will enable you to earn your "Varsity" letter in Orchestra at Ferris High School. Look at each descriptor and indicate the appropriate number of points earned. Form is Due Wednesday, June 2nd! (sorry for the quick turnaround)
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Current Grade Level *
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Participated in '0' hour small ensembles
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Private Lessons: 2 Points for each semester. Lessons should occur weekly.
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One point for each extra Ferris Music Ensemble in which you participate and are involved.
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Attendance at an East Meets West Group Lesson - 1 point for each group lesson
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Member of Church Orchestra/Band or Community Orchestra - 1 point per semester
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What other music events, endeavors, or experiences did you participate in outside of school that would warrant points towards a letter? Explain below
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