Feedback on Potential Next Campaign Issues
Please submit your thoughts and feedback on the potential campaign areas Democratize ComEd could expand into! If there are any ideas the Research Committee did not think of, feel free to propose those as well. You can find the issue summaries here:

For context, the Democratize ComEd campaign is consider expanding its remit to include additional ecosocialist issue beyond municipalization. While municipalization will always be our original issue and north star, we have built an expansive ecosocialist campaign infrastructure which could be leveraged to fight for additional transformations. The question is: should we do this and, if we do, what issues should we tackle? To help answer that question, we want to hear from our campaign members to see what they think is the best approach. Our Research Committee drafted the Issue Summaries to help summarize the various potential issues we have identified as possible to pursue with initial recommendations.
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What do you think of the proposed issue areas?
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Advanced Waste Disposal (Recycling, Composting, High Tech Disposal)
Banning Gas in Buildings
Build Public Renewables
Bus Electrification
Chicago Climate Action Plan
Extended Producer Responsibility
FEJA and CEJA Implementation
Gas Municipalization
Greenwashing Police & Prisons
Urban Reforestation
Rails to Trails
Water Affordability
Green Jobs
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Please elaborate on your thoughts. Do you want to work on it? Are these interesting or compelling? Do you think the campaign should expand into additional issue areas?
Do you have any concerns about this approach or any of the issues identified?
Are there any issues that are not on this list that you think we should think about working on?
Would you like to have a conversation with anyone in DemComEd leadership to talk more in-depth about our next steps or how you can get involved?
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Would you be interested in taking on a leadership role as we move into the next phase of the campaign?
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