*DMS Greece Quest 3: CSC Enduring Impacts
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What is an enduring impact? *
What countries make up Western Society? *
That means they follow in the footsteps of Ancient Greece
In today's world, what can we look at to see ANCIENT Greece here today? *
Check all that apply!
Is it possible to leave an idea as an enduring impact? *
Are many of the names we see and hear on TV or in the Cleveland area, are references to Greece? *
Who was the first Historian of the world? *
What state house did we mention, that looks and feels like it belongs in a different time? *
Be sure to look up state houses and see what they look like!
"See the world with new eyes" Was a phrase we used several times in this chat. What is the meaning? *
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Questions Below not graded
What are two questions you have or are wondering about based on CSC #3 on Enduring Impacts.
What is the most important thing you learned from this chat?
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